Spektrum Radio Switch Bezel Wrench (Orange)

Spektrum A1310 - Spektrum Radio Switch Bezel Wrench (Orange)


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Product Number: A1310
UPC: 605482280744
Manufacturer: Spektrum
Category: Radio Control
Type: Radio
          >>Miscellaneous Accessories
Spektrum Radio Switch Bezel Wrench (Orange)The Spektrum™ Radio Switch Bezel Wrench is the perfect tool for keeping your transmitters beauty nuts and bezels tight and secure. Designed to make holding the switch in place easy with its low profile shape. Featuring a conveniently placed M2 tapped hole that can be used to attach to a key ring for safe keeping or to add a screw for an added leverage point. This anodized Aluminum Switch nut wrench is a must have tool for your flight box.

  • Anodized Spektrum Orange Heavy Duty Aluminum
  • Low Profile design for easy use
  • M2 tapped hole for storage options or added leverage point

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