Saito Engines EG19R3 - FG-19R3 3-Cylinder Gas Radial: CB

Saito Engines

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Product Number: EG19R3
UPC: 4522020403402
Manufacturer: Saito Engines
Category: RC Aircraft
Type: Engines
          >>Gas Engines
          >>>: 4 Stroke
FG-19R3 3-Cylinder Gas Radial: CBAs an expert in reliable 4-stroke engines, Saito engineers spent years developing the best-built 4-stroke gas engine. The amazing sound of a Saito radial four-stroke engine creates a one-of-a-kind flying experience.

  • Horizon Hobby recommends the use of Red Line or Power Model synthetic oil only, at a mix ratio of 16:1 – 20:1

Item Specifications
Bore 0.88 in (22.4mm)
Displacement 1.17 cu in (19.18cc)
Engine (Only) Weight 33.5 oz (950g)
Power Type Gas
Ignition Weight 6.9 oz (195g)
Muffler Type Pipe
Oil Type & Content 6.25% by volume, high-quality synthetic
Plug Type 1/4-32 SP-1
Prop Range 13?9?15?6
RPM Range 1,800?10,000
Stroke 0.64 in (16.2mm)
Total Weight 42.5 oz (1205g)

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