48P Absolute Pinion,18T

Robinson Racing Products 1418 - 48P Absolute Pinion,18T

Robinson Racing Products

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Product Number: 1418
UPC: 719696014184
Manufacturer: Robinson Racing Products
Category: RC Cars and Trucks
Type: Cars And Trucks
          >Car & Truck
          >>Gears & Differentials
48P Absolute Pinion,18TSuper hard Absolute steel pinions gears are a must for running with steel spur gears or will last and last if run with a plastic spur gear. Tooth number stamped on each pinion. 1/8 inch bore. One 5-40 set screw included. 1/16 inch allen wrench (not included) fits the 5/40 set screw.

Item Specifications
Gear Pitch 48-Pitch
Gear Type Pinion
Material Steel
Part Type Gears
Tooth Count 18 Tooth

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