32 Pitch Pinion Gear,10T

Robinson Racing Products 0100 - 32 Pitch Pinion Gear,10T

Robinson Racing Products

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Product Number: 0100
UPC: 719696001009
Manufacturer: Robinson Racing Products
Category: RC Cars and Trucks
Type: Cars And Trucks
          >Car & Truck
          >>Gears & Differentials
32 Pitch Pinion Gear,10T32 pitch alloy pinions are not heat treated and should only be used with plastic spur gears. If you only run plastic spur gears these pinions are the perfect choice. 32 pitch Alloy Pinions are not stamped with tooth number. 1/8 inch bore. One 5-40 set screw included. 1/16 inch allen wrench (not included) fits the 5/40 set screw.

Item Specifications
Gear Pitch 32-Pitch
Gear Type Pinion
Material Metal
Part Type Gears
Tooth Count 10 Tooth

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