Rear Prop Guard, Black :Dromida Vista & Ominus(2)

RPM 72102 - Rear Prop Guard, Black :Dromida Vista & Ominus(2)


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Product Number: 72102
UPC: 672415721025
Manufacturer: RPM
Category: RC Multirotor
Type: Multirotor
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Rear Prop Guard, Black :Dromida Vista & Ominus(2)Tech Notes: Sold in pairs. One set of front and one set of rear Prop Guards are required for one Vista / Ominus. All four Prop Guards (2 - front & 2 - rear) must be installed at the same time. Failure to install Prop Guards in all four corners may cause adverse flying characteristics. RPM Prop Guards are designed as "bumpers" to help deflect light to medium impacts. They are not designed to save the Vista / Ominus from full speed or gravity fed crashes. A 0.05" (or 1.25mm) hex key wrench is required (not included) for installation.

  • Extreme strength and durability
  • Weighs less than 5 grams per guard (including hardware)
  • Sold in pairs

Item Specifications
Material Engineering grade nylons
Product Weight 5 grams per guard
Refinement Color Black

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