3/16" Wire Axle Adapter

Robart Mfg Inc 659 - 3/16" Wire Axle Adapter

Robart Mfg Inc

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Product Number: 659
UPC: 758936659006
Manufacturer: Robart Mfg Inc
Category: RC Aircraft
Type: Airplane
          >Wheels, Gear, Retracts & Accessories
3/16" Wire Axle Adapter

  • Made in the USA
  • Allows for more precise strut lengths
  • Eliminates heating and bending axles
  • Reduces probability of damaging or breaking wire struts
  • Linear dual setscrew design (only grinding flat spots on one side of the wire)
  • Comes complete with Delron spacers
  • Includes a flanged axle eliminating the need for an outside wheel collar
  • Compatible with Robart's Compact Uni-Brake
  • Easy to install

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