<strong>Product Number: </strong>R3739<br/> <strong>UPC: </strong>5055286655685<br/> <strong>Manufacturer: </strong>Hornby<br/>

BR, Class 87, Bo-Bo, 87001 (dual named) 'Royal Scot' and 'Stephenson' - Era 11


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Product Number: R3739
UPC: 5055286655685
Manufacturer: Hornby
Category: Locomotive

87001 was built at Crewe, entering traffic on 29 June, 1973 allocated to Willesden depot. The Stephenson Locomotive Society persuaded British Rail to name 87001 as Stephenson to mark the 1975 celebrations of 150 years of railways in the United Kingdom and a naming ceremony was held on 14 January, 1976.

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