<strong>Product Number: </strong>R3643<br/> <strong>UPC: </strong>5055286646096<br/> <strong>Manufacturer: </strong>Hornby<br/>

BR, Standard 7 'Britannia' Class, 4-6-2, 70046 'ANZAC - Era 5


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Product Number: R3643
UPC: 5055286646096
Manufacturer: Hornby
Category: Locomotive

70046 ANZAC entered traffic on 22 June, 1954, being allocated to 6J Holyhead for the first five years of service. With further allocations to Holyhead coming in December 1962 and June 1965, 70046 spent over half of it service life operating from this shed. The final allocation was to 12A Carlisle Kingsmoor on 8 January, 1966 and it was from here that 70046 was withdrawn on 8 July, 1967, having completed just thirteen years and sixteen days in service.

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