<strong>Product Number: </strong>C7015<br/> <strong>UPC: </strong>5010963570156<br/> <strong>Manufacturer: </strong>Scalextric<b

Pit Lane Track (Right Hand) - Includes Sensor


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Product Number: C7015
UPC: 5010963570156
Manufacturer: Scalextric
Category: Slot Cars

Pair of Scalextric Digital pit lane track sections to create pit lanes for your Digital layouts. Also allows the creation of alternative track routes, for example a single lane rally extension track to a current layout, or converts 2 lanes into 1 lane or converts 2 lanes in to 3 lanes or more. There is no limit to the amount of additional lanes you can add.

C7014 Left Hand Pit Lane Track also available.



Alternative pictures are track layout suggestions only.

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