<strong>Product Number: </strong>C3711<br/> <strong>UPC: </strong>5010963537111<br/> <strong>Manufacturer: </strong>Scalextric<b

Scale: 1:32 - Team Monster Truck 'Rattler'


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Product Number: C3711
UPC: 5010963537111
Manufacturer: Scalextric
Category: Slot Cars

Introduce some Monster Truck mayhem to your Scalextric races with this great value, super resistant car, ideal for those who like full-contact stunt racing.

The 'Rattler' livery is applied using our new water labelling process. This allows us to apply highly detailed, all-over liveries that are extremely hardwearing.

For further information on water labelling and the development of the Monster Truck read our Test Track development blog.

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