Truck & Rail Scale -- Kit -  Scale: HO

Truck & Rail Scale -- Kit - Scale: HO

Walthers Cornerstone

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Product Number: 933-4068
UPC: 616374138616
Manufacturer: Walthers Cornerstone
Category: Structure
Scale: HO
With scales for both road and rail service, the Cornerstone Truck and Rail Scale kit is a must for any modern HO industry producing or receiving raw materials or finished products in bulk. The kit features:
  • Part of the Cornerstone Modern Industrial Park series - read more here!
  • Must-have for industries shipping or receiving bulk materials by road and/or rail
  • Two below ground weigh in motion track scales (non-operating)
  • Two detailed truck scales and signs
  • Large and small scale houses with separate doors and windows plus nonworking traffic light, streetlight and spotlights

    Measures: Large Truck Scale: 14-1/16 x 2-15/16 x 3 w/Sign 35.7 x 7.4 x 7.6cm
    Small Truck Scale: 9-1/4 x 2-1/8 23.4 x 5.3cm
    Track Scales each: 4-1/8 x 1-5/8 10.4 x 4.1cm
    Large Scale House: 1-15/16 x 1-1/4 4.9 x 3.1cm
    Small Scale House: 1 x 1-1/8 2.5 x 2.8cm

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