Basic Type Putty -- 1.13oz  32g Tube (white)

Basic Type Putty -- 1.13oz 32g Tube (white)

Tamiya Paints

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Product Number: 865-87095
UPC: 4950344962624
Manufacturer: Tamiya Paints
Category: Adhesives - Glues - Lubricants
Scale: A


Tamiya Basic Type Putty is used for filling in seams when assembling plastic model kits or RC models that use ABS or styrene plastic bodies. This putty is white making it great for use under light-colored final paint finishes. Can be applied with a flat surface tool. Note: Tamiya basic type putty is not intended to fill large gaps. It is meant to fill in seams and imperfections in plastic model surfaces. The basic putty may also be used for resin model, metal model and vinyl model applications.

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