PL-8 Progressive Lamp Circuit - Scale: HO


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Product Number: 800-5808
Manufacturer: Circuitron
Category: Lights-Electronics Motors
Scale: HO
Create unique signs. Sequence for both circuits is the same, only the maximum letters and lamps is different. Can also light fewer letters. Lights each lamp in succession, with all previous lamps remaining on until all lamps are lit. Adjustable speed, all lamps remain on, the go out. Finally, all lamps come on, then go out. Time on/off is adjustable. The sequence is automatically repeated. Other lamps may be suited for specific application. Construction of the actual sign will depend upon application and is left to the modeler. Requires a 12V AC or DC supply for proper operation. Adaptable for HO and larger scales.
Includes eight lamps, 3mm diameter.

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