Premium Gear Lube -- 1/2oz  14.7mL -  Scale: N

Premium Gear Lube -- 1/2oz 14.7mL - Scale: N

Woodland Scenics

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Product Number: 785-664
UPC: 724771006640
Manufacturer: Woodland Scenics
Category: Adhesives - Glues - Lubricants
Scale: N
Keep your equipment in top shape with Premium Gear Lube. This special formula is ideal for model railroad applications and is made with special additives that make it stay in place while the parts move. It's ideal for use on small gears, linkages, steam engine side rods and motor bearing surfaces. The lube comes in a bottle with a built-in needle tip applicator for precise application of small amount of material. A metal cap keeps the applicator clean between projects.

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