Styrene Strips -- 1 x 8" - Scale: S

Evergreen Scale Models

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Product Number: 269-7108
UPC: 787026071084
Manufacturer: Evergreen Scale Models
Category: Scratch Building Supplies
Scale: S
Styrene is one of the most common modeling plastics. It can be used to simulate concrete, metal or wooden surfaces and is easily cut and sanded to virtually any shape. When cutting sheets, simply score with a sharp knife, then break on the scored line. Small strips and very thin sheets can be cut through. Parts can be joined with plastic solvents, while epoxies and CA adhesives can be used to join painted parts or other materials. Before brush painting with Floquil, Scalecoat or other lacquers, a primer coat of Floquil Barrier or Scalecoat Shieldcoat should be applied to prevent the paint from attacking the plastic.

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