Anticlimber -- EMD, Small pkg(4) -  Scale: HO

Anticlimber -- EMD, Small pkg(4) - Scale: HO

Cannon & Company

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Product Number: 191-2101
Manufacturer: Cannon & Company
Category: Parts
Scale: HO
This series of anticlimbers makes it easy to change or upgrade the look of your EMD fleet, from the first 35s to the latest SD90. The description indicates the most common usage, but most could be found on other engines as well. The time frame being modeled will provide the most accurate application, based on how the engine looked as-delivered or after rebuilding or repairs.
Protect the crew from head-on collisions with these authentic replicas of the smaller anticlimbers used on EMD power. This design was used for all 35 and 40 Series units as well as many Dash 2 models.

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