Scale: N<br/> Decorated Code 80 Plate-Girder Bridge -- Erie (black, white)

Scale: N - Decorated Code 80 Plate-Girder Bridge -- Erie (black, white)

Atlas Model Railroad Co.

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Product Number: 150-2550
Manufacturer: Atlas Model Railroad Co.
Category: Structure
Scale: N

Decorated Bridges Add Railroad Flavor to Your Layout

Railroads once considered bridges as locations to fly the company flag, so many painted them with logos and billboard advertising. These plate-girder bridges are based on those used throughout the continent and each comes decorated with period railroad graphics. The layout-ready models also feature nickel-silver Code 80 rail installed so you can easily add them to your layout.


Decorated Code 80 Plate-Girder Bridges
NKP (black)
PRR (black)
SP (silver)


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